We’re now deep in to the fall wedding season. The leaves are turning and falling, temperatures have dipped, Halloween is right around the corner, and our Toy Bros DJs are enjoying all the Bills games. For those of you who have weddings coming up, there are a few things you need to remember.

First off, the weather is a total gamble. If you plan on having your ceremony or reception outdoors, make sure to have yourself covered for any type of weather. Check to make sure your venue has space heaters outside, for guests, if any part of your day requires them to be outside. It’s always good to have a backup/rain plan set for anything outdoors, as well. You don’t want to be stuck outside in a rainstorm or crazy wind blowing through.

The weather is something to remember for your photos with your bridal party too. Be prepared with a couple different locations for your photos. Fall weddings are quite popular, so you don’t know how many other parties are going to be at your photo spot. You also don’t know if the weather is going to be inclement, putting a damper on your fall foliage photos. There are plenty of beautiful indoor venues where you can take advantage of the fall colors in the background.

Despite those two points above, having a fall wedding can be a beautiful thing. Holiday Valley, Brierwood Country Club, any country club really, look beautiful with a fall background. Many venues also offer discounts for having your wedding later in the year, so take advantage of those, if you can.

One last thing to keep in mind for your fall wedding is your décor. Fall themes and decorations are some of the most beautifully decorated weddings we do. There are so many amazing possibilities for you to use. Make the most of the colors available to you and it’s not hard to create a wonderful atmosphere for you and your guests to enjoy throughout the night!