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As you know, weddings are our specialty. We eat, sleep, and breathe weddings, so when we see something new or unique at a wedding, it catches our attention. One of the most popular wedding traditions is when guests clank on their glasses and in turn, you as the bride and groom are supposed to kiss. However, there are some great alternatives to this tradition that will get everyone involved and definitely make some laughs and memories.

Everyone wants a wedding that stands out for their guests, one that people will be talking about for the rest of the summer and to get that you don’t have to spend loads of money on intricate favors or crazy extras, instead, add a twist to the normal wedding traditions. Rather than having guests clank on their glasses to make you kiss, make their entire table stand up and sing you a song. We’ve seen many different forms or variations of this game too. Some couples make guests sing only love songs, some tables are assigned genres, we’ve even seen the couple roll a die that has certain artists or genres assigned to each number.  This really puts your family and friend’s creativity to the test and you’ll be surprised who you see singing and what they come out with.

Another twist on this that we’ve seen is an entire table needs to do a coordinated dance to a song for the couple to kiss. People have done everything from a-cappella covers and dances to the family table doing a dance to the Godfather theme song with the Grandfather as the lead.  This too really tests the creativity and whit of your guests.

Both these different ideas add some memories to your wedding, they get your guests thinking, talking, and laughing. It’s an easy twist to your wedding that will help set it apart from everyone else!