Bridal party intros are a fun and exciting part of your wedding reception. This is the time that allows your bridal party to strut their stuff, be funny, and let loose as the party really starts. For some couples, the bridal party introductions have turned into a cool interactive game.

The rules of this game are pretty easy: pick a song, pick a time frame where the song begins and ends for you to dance, do your thing on the dance floor for everyone to see! As the bride and groom, you can get the crowd involved by placing score cards at your guest’s tables and having them rate each pair as they walk in. The winning couple is obviously going to be the one with the highest score. However, everyone usually knows the winner without needing to tally it up!

As for the winner’s prize, this is where you can get creative. We’ve had couples give away bottles of wine or alcohol, gift certificates, bragging rights, even a special dinner, prepared by the newly weds. Starting off your reception with a game like this really starts off your night with a party atmosphere. Get your guests pumped up and you’ll definitely have a lot of laughs and more memories to remember the night by.


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