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Bridal Party Photo Fun

One of the most fun parts of being in a bridal party are the multitude of bridal party photos that you get to take throughout the day. We certainly know that a majority of these pictures aren’t serious. Going for a bridal party photo shoot after the ceremony offers a lot of options for great pictures and memories. Luckily for us, Western New York is full of beautiful locations.

First, we should go through the typical or most popular locations. The most popular is probably City Hall and Niagara Square. It’s nearly impossible to drive through the city on a Saturday in the summer without seeing multiple wedding parties getting their pictures done.  Buffalo City Hall is one of the most iconic pieces of architecture in New York, so it’s certainly a great place to start. Close behind that is Delaware Park/Historical Society/Albright Knox/Japanese Gardens. This is another place to spot multiple parties at once on a Saturday afternoon, and why not, its gorgeous! With a handful of different buildings to choose from in one spot, you get many great options in one place.

There are also a few places that are starting to gain popularity for photos. Knox Park provides one of the most naturally beautiful scenes in Western New York. From the old barns, to the gravel path, and of course the hillside the mansion overlooks, Knox Park is breathtaking.  Another great place, which is continuously getting better, is Canalside. The resurgence of Canalside and its build up and new art is adding an extra element to an already great view. We’re finding more parties are starting to flock there for a new location while staying downtown.

Since many couples meet at a bar, we also find that bars around the area are a popular stop for photos. One bar seems to pop up more than others, however and that is Founding Fathers. It also doesn’t hurt that Fathers has a very cool ambiance inside.

So, if you’re looking for a cool place to get your bridal party photos done, you don’t have far to go. With a handful of cool places in the city and even more off the beaten path, Western New York provides one of the best backdrops for your photos.