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An increasingly popular extra that we have seen couples add to their wedding nights, is a late night food option. Many venues offer these packages, as well, there are some great delivery options.

One of the most unique spreads we’ve seen was a carnival table. Here, there were chili cheese dogs, cotton candy, popcorn, and French fries available for guest. It gave the guests the ability to customize the toppings on their hot dogs with a hand full of different options. The table that the food was on was also decorated in a carnival theme. In the end, it was a very unique way to give guests some great after dinner food.

There are, of course, the traditional offerings by venues and take out. We’ve seen many couples order five or six sheet pizzas and 50-75 wings for their guests to enjoy. It’s a simple menu, but something everyone enjoys. Many places offer mini slider hamburgers or mini grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato soup “shooter” glasses.

Lastly, we’ve also seen some deliciously unique food offerings as well! One wedding we were at, was greeted by a Mighty Taco employee dropping off a big box full of tacos for the guests to enjoy. We’ve also seen some of Buffalo’s many food trucks roll up for guests to visit.

For a city like Buffalo, known for it’s amazing food, taking advantage of some of these options for your guests to enjoy is a great addition to your wedding!