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Hashtag Your Wedding!

With Instagram rising as one of the most popular social media platforms these days, many couples have been incorporating it into their wedding days. We all know wedding day photos are going to end up on social media, but why not find a way to be able to see them all. This is where creating a hashtag for your wedding comes in to play

Hashtagging your event isn’t something that needs to be intricate or hard. The one thing we recommend is first checking that the tag you want to use, to make sure no one else has tagged it before.  We’ve seen these hashtags advertised in a multitude of places as well, from signs next to the guest book, to place cards on dinner tables.  You want people to know the hashtag and to use it, reminding your guests will keep it in the forefront of their minds throughout the night.

Another thing we’ve seen with these hashtags, is people having fun and getting creative with them. One of our favorites was from a wedding where the groom’s last name was “Stone” so they used the bride’s name (let’s say it was Lauren) as #LaurenGetsStoned funny and memorable! Let your creative side shine through as you come up with the hashtag for your wedding day and enjoy the candid moments you missed after your wedding night has ended!