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Monogram uplighting

This time of the year, most of the events we do are weddings and reading through most of our past blogs, that wedding theme is very apparent. However, last night we were given the opportunity to set up our monograms for a United Auto Workers function, in conjunction with Ford. Monograms are perfect for weddings, but as we were reminded last night, they’re great for any occasion.

One thing that makes our monograms unique is that we have a host of animated monograms to choose from. The UAW chose a fireworks and boy did they look cool! Two separate monograms were set up on either side of the rooms, so that the effect was projected onto the wall behind the bar. Throughout the night, a looping video was displayed of fireworks going up and exploding. The response from guests was incredibly positive. We were even mentioned in two separate tweets by the Convention Center itself!

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