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These sorts of emails never get old! Whenever I get one like this in our inbox, I am immediately grateful for the employees I have. I always tell them, you’re not only representing Toy Bros, but yourself as well. We are always striving to make our company and service better for our customers and for everyone we work alongside!

“I am a local entertainer (Sinatra/Dean Martin singer) and I work at many weddings every year. I see DJ’s from big companies and small. During the course of the evening cooperation and communication with the DJ is essential and a very important aspect of the evening. I have to tell you that every time I work with a Toy Brothers DJ they are absolutely exemplary. I have not only found them to be very professional, but helpful and courteous to me and my wife who runs my sound board.  The most recent example of this was Saturday night with Vince Sagliani at Foxvalley. I can’t say enough about Vince. He was very helpful to me and by the way, he knows how to get the party started with your clients guests! I just wanted to give you some honest feedback.”