A trend that has steadily increased for our booked customers is having us also provide sound for the ceremony. Many venues around the area have beautiful spots for ceremonies, such as the Avanti Mansion, TimberLodge, and the Columns.

While we do offer a microphone and a microphone stand, as an add on option, we generally do not push it. Some of the most cherished photos in your photo album are going to be of you and your spouse at your ceremony, exchanging vows, sharing your kiss, or listening to the officiate. One of the last things we’d like you to have in any of these photos, is a microphone or microphone stand.  So, when couples approach us about renting either of those two options, we generally recommend speaking with your photographer and officiate first. The photographer will generally agree with us about the microphone standing out in photos. It’s not something that is a huge detail, but like guests cell phones, it gets in the way. Many times, officiates prefer to give the ceremony without a hand-held mic, as well. There are exceptions, of course. If you are having a large ceremony, you’ll want everyone to hear. In our experience though, officiates would rather raise their voices a bit, so that all your guests can hear. Don’t worry, they’re not yelling, just speaking louder! At the end of the day, this is your wedding, if you want the microphone we will certainly provide it for you, we just want to look out for your best interest.