No, this title doesn’t mean pitting your two bickering relatives at the same table for your wedding. Instead, why not take your traditional numbered tables and have some fun with it? Lately, we’ve seen some pretty great examples of this and we figured we would share.

The first idea is one of the most popular examples we’ve seen of this. You still keep the traditional numbers for each table, but rather than just a number on a stick, place a picture of both the bride and groom at that age. For example, table 5 has a photo of both the bride and groom at the age of 5, maybe on their first day of kindergarten. Everybody has those old childhood photos laying around, why not have fun and use them at the wedding?

Another idea we saw on display is perfect for adventurous couples, who love to travel together. This couple named all their tables after places they’ve traveled together and each table had a photo of them in that place. The seating chart was also quite unique, it was printed with a background that was the globe! This was a really cool way of the couple showing off some great photos of themselves in interesting places. One of the photos was even the beach where they got engaged!

Lastly, this couple was an interesting case. The groom purchased the house next door to the bride’s childhood home. From there, they met and the rest is quite obvious. This couple took the “neighbors” theme and totally ran with it. Their seating chart was on a wooden door and decorated quite nicely. Then, the couple named all of the tables after famous TV neighbors, from Ned Flanders, to Kimmy Gibbler, and even Kramer! To top it off, the newlyweds placed photos of these neighbors on the corresponding tables. It was truly the most unique table seating we’ve ever seen!