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Don’t want to leave the half fold cards for people to find their table. Here are some great ideas that we have seen over the past year.

  1. Sports Tickets – We did a sports wedding where the bride and groom made custom tickets for each guest. Each table was set with a specific game that the bride and groom attended. They showcased photos and information for the game in a frame on each table.
  2. Photo Booth Frames – People who use photo booths buy photo booth frames and place those for guests. They put a little note in there about using the photo booth and also a picture of themselves. This also acts as the guests favor!
  3. Bookmarks – Who doesn’t like bookmarks? The guests can even take it home and use it in their favorite book. This will always keep you with your guests even after the wedding is over.
  4. Leaves – If you are having a fall wedding you could cut out leaves and tie them to your favorite mini bottle of wine.
  5. Scrabble – This will take a lot of Scrabble tiles put I have seen it done! Put peoples names on racks.