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I will keep this brief but here are some things to keep in your head while picking your music.

  1. You will not be the only one there. N’Sync is great but a 90s mix all night will only appeal to a small percentage of your guests.
  2. Silence isn’t always great. If you do not have ceremony music you should. It adds that missing link.
  3. Don’t dance alone for too long. Does the groom want to dance almost 6 minutes with his Mom to Simple Man?
  4. The music shouldn’t be crazy loud! Weddings are meant to bring people together and not push them out of the room.
  5. Unedited Songs are a no-no… enough said
  6. Heavy metal is too heavy for weddings
  7. Don’t be stuck in one genre of music. A good mix of music is key to your weddings success.
  8. Don’t put older guests in front of where the dj is setup. They will continuously come up to us and ask us to turn down the music even if it isn’t loud!
  9. Know what you want before your wedding date.
  10. Don’t pick out every song by the minute.