When searching the internet for some inspiration for the latest blog post, I came across a really great idea for wedding planning bonus, so naturally I had to share! The honeymoon is an exciting, yet costly (isn’t everything costly?) reward for your post wedding celebration. If you’re anything like me, you hate putting every purchase onto credit card. However, if a great bonus points promotion is available, I certainly break out my card a little more often.

The Southwest credit card has a great point redemption program, where point count toward airline credit. In my search for inspiration, I stumbled upon a post from a couple that opened up a joint Southwest credit card for all their wedding expenses. Just for signing up, if they spent $2,000 in the first three months, they got 50,000 points. Spending $2,000 in wedding planning is no hard accomplishment, let’s be real here. Over the course of their wedding planning, the couple was able to accumulate enough points that their flights to the Dominican Republic were free. What a simple and easy way to reduce a considerable expense out of your planning! It doesn’t just have to be a Southwest card either, shop around, find a card with great rewards points and turn your wedding spending into spending that gives back to you!