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Weddings are one of the most important nights of peoples lives. Everyone also wants to do something different than someone else.

These are things that we see trending in the Buffalo weddings this coming year:

  1. Uplighting – It is the cheapest addition you can add to your wedding that makes the biggest difference.
  2. Photo Booth – This was the biggest trend in 2012 and its keeping with its pace from last year.
  3. Cigar Rollers – Yes! This is super popular. Cigar Rollers literally come to your wedding and roll cigars for your guests right on spot.
  4. Late Night Snacks – Mighty Taco runs, Jims Steak Out, Food Trucks, Midnight Pizza… Who doesn’t love food! People love this idea and it is super popular.
  5. Reception Lounges – Who doesn’t love a hip lounge area.
  6. After Parties – When the wedding reception is over, the party is just beginning! Off to Chippewa or a bar to continue the nights fun.
  7. Vintage Looks – Vintage is back and is here to stay in 2013. The 20s is now back in 2013.
  8. Stations – No more sit down meals… grab and eat at food stations

Be creative and make your wedding stand out. You can do some things that cost little to no money.