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Uplights are quickly becoming the hottest addition to help enhance any wedding venue. These lights, regardless of the color, have the ability to quickly transform a room’s appearance, feel and mood. Uplights come with many great features that will help you quickly fall in love with their effect.

All of the uplights we offer, while they come in a small package, offer a huge pop. These RGBAW LED lights can shoot up and brighten the wall or column of a venue regardless of if it’s 10ft or 50 ft. The color offering also means that if the color isn’t programmed in, it can be made in seconds, all colors, all shades!

Many venues have limited outlet space available, which makes the 6 hour battery life on these lights perfect. There’s no need for wires or cords and that also means no one will be tripping over them as the night goes on. The battery also allows for easy repositioning of the lights if dinner and dancing are in separate rooms or you only want a small number of lights.

Lastly, one of the coolest features of these lights is the wireless capability. These lights can be programmed to follow all the movements or stability of one light set as the “master”. However, our favorite part of this wireless signal is that once the dancing starts, these lights can be set to move with the beat of the music. This will transform your dance floor to a dance party in seconds!

With the minimalist design and size of uplights, adding them to your wedding package will not only help enhance the beauty of your venue, but also help keep your dance floor moving all night long