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Ever been to a wedding where the music... kinda sucked?

Anybody can set up a computer and a playlist and DJ your wedding. But the real fun comes from a DJ with experience. A DJ who:

Hypes up your guests for all the big moments

Actually listens to your “do not play” list

Doesn’t take the spotlight away from the couple

Keeps the dance floor packed all night long

Reads the room

These are just a few of the things you get with Toy Bros Entertainment.

We’re here to keep it real

You’re putting so much into your wedding: time, effort, and money. Sure, you could hire cousin John who got some mixing software for his birthday, and yeah, he’d probably do an okay job. Be a hell of a lot cheaper too.

But how much is the vibe of your event worth? Are you willing to risk your guests being bored or overwhelmed? Or would you rather hear their rave reviews for weeks to come about how much fun they had?

Your DJ can make or break your event. So let’s make it the best night ever

“A DJ can make or break an event and we’ve been to some rough ones. Thankfully Matt from Toy Bros was the best of the best!”

We cannot begin to thank you for an absolutely amazing night! Matt was so well organized, he knew exactly what was going on and played a great set list, exactly how we wanted it. Our dance floor was packed until 11:30, he played one great song after the next. He took requests and played exactly what everyone wanted to hear. Thank you Toy Bros!!


Our award-winning wedding DJ services:

You choose the hours of coverage

Dance floor lights

Wireless microphone

An MC for entrances & announcements like the first dance, cake, etc.

State-of-the-art equipment

Access to over 20,000 songs

Meeting two weeks before your wedding to discuss details

Our Process

01. Reach

Get in touch

Fill out our contact form or email us at [email protected] get started. From there, we’ll send you all the info you need to decide if we’re a good fit.

02. Service

Choose your services.

We’ll send you a list of all the services we offer, including add-ons like up lighting or a photo booth. Pick what you want and leave the rest. Once you’ve made your decision, we’ll send you a quote and a contract. A $300 deposit is required to secure your wedding date.

03. List

Create a “yes” and “no” list.

Start making a list of songs you’ll want us to play: your ceremony music (if applicable), entrance songs, first dances, and must-hear party songs. You’ll also want to write down everything you absolutely do not want us to play. Don’t worry-while we do allow suggestions, we don’t take bribes from guests! If it’s on your “do not play” list, you won’t hear it

04. Meet

Meet with us

Two weeks before your wedding, you’ll meet with us to discuss the details and timeline for your day. Your DJ will gather everything they need to create a fun environment for you and all of your guests.

05. Party

Time to party!

Relax and let us handle everything-it’s your wedding day


100%! 80% of our couples have us coordinate their ceremony music. We offer off-site and on-site ceremonies music, where we provide music and microphones. Remember, we don’t just hit “play” and let it roll: we control the tempo and flow of your music starting 30 minutes prior to your ceremony, so everything runs smoothly!

While we cater to the couple, one of the main things we ask for is the demographic of your wedding. This allows us to match the couple up with a DJ on staff that is more knowledgeable on genres that will likely get everyone up on the dance floor.

It's a wedding! There is a certain amount of class that should be followed. All of our music is radio edits, so inappropriate language is mostly eliminated. If you’d like only kid-appropriate music, we can make sure our library is full of them. Some couples choose to change the vibe of their music towards the end of the night, once most younger guests have called it a night. We’ll work with you to make sure you’re happy with our music selection (and grandma isn’t offended at the end of the night).

We start as soon as cocktail hour gets going. Quite honestly, that first hour is the busiest for us! It's when we coordinate with all your wedding vendors. That’s another reason not to hire cousin John - he won’t know to do this!

A wedding is about providing a good “vibe” and giving guests a reason not to sit down. Most of our couples come to us from a friend or family’s recommendation, but you can also give us a call to chat with us about your concerns. We’ll always be honest with you: if we don't feel we are the right fit, we will let you know and lead you in a different direction. We love what we do and want the best for every possible client even if it means it's not us (it usually is though!).

If you have seen one of our DJs at an event, you can request them with no problem! As long as they’re available for your event. Typically, though, when we sit down and meet we will go over your entire wedding from music to vendors. We then will assign a DJ based on all of those things. Sometimes, it is more important to have DJs that work well with specific venues and vendors than it is to match up the DJ to your playlist. All of our DJs are held to the same quality and standards, so no matter whom you get, you’re guaranteed a great event! We want to provide the best service, and doing that goes way beyond music.

100%! We also do a ton of corporate parties and special events throughout the year. We help clients cater to what they're celebrating, and it helps us be creative. We have so many things at our disposal to allow us to create an amazing theme for our clients.

Yes! All of our DJs carry extra equipment in case anything happens, and we will be up and running again within minutes (usually seconds!).

Let’s get this party started

Fill out our contact form to learn more about our services. We can’t wait to chat with you

Toy Bros Entertainment is the premier DJ company in Buffalo, New York. We provide DJ services, state-of-the-art photo booths, and more. Book us for your next event!

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